Machine Learning with Tensorflow

This process will be done in a Xubuntu 20.04 LTS Virtual machine or on Google Collab.

To learn MachineLearning I used GoogleFoo - of course - but I also used Coursera and Udacity. While I keep this Wiki mostly for my own notes / research / Knowledge base, if you are looking into getting started yourself I would recommend to check my notes or even better the courses themselfs. While I ended up using Udacity a lot more, due to cost / quality - completly free, great quality -, I would still recommend you do a quick read on my notes on Coursera since they have a very good example on how to understand Machine Learning with a great pratical example.

First, we will install Xubuntu and install Tensorflow for Python and it's requirements.

Our first project will be a simple project to get started with the basics which can also be used in real life situation.

We will try to have a computer detect an object in an image / video, and this will use Tensorflow, YOLO, OpenCV and ImageAI to archieve that.

This project falls under Machine Learning > Supervised Learning > Classification

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