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  • Expanding and Documenting my Homelab
  • Getting better at DevOps. Specifically, getting more HandsOn with:
    • Ansible for Configuration Management
    • Jenkins for CD/CI
    • Kubernetes for Container Orchestration
  • OpenCV (Specifically the following ideas / Projects)
    • Photo Sketching
    • Face Detection
      • Face Recognition
    • Image Segmentation
    • Cartoonifying an Image
    • Vehicle Counting and Classification
  • Side Project with a Colleague about Automation
  • Parsec for my HomeStreaming / Play on Couch

Well, “why” a Wiki and not any other documentation system:

  • Easy to edit and manage
  • DokuWiki is amazing and the files are just plain text files, so backing up / future proof is just amazing.
  • Online, as in, I can access it anywhere
  • I like Wikis :)

About the “why this wiki” well:

Well, multiple reasons, a) I was tired of finding something just for it being deleted after a few days / weeks / months, b) trying to show / tell someone about something and not finding the original source, c) having so many different sources of information I can no longer remember what / where / when I saw something and d) documenting my own issues / solutions, stuff I have interest and so on, in a place, where I can find it easily and fast. The less time I spend searching, the more time I can actually do something. I can't recall how many times I had an issue with X, spent 10-15-30-60 minutes searching for something, just to need it again in Y months and not finding THE solution, so having to spend the same, sometimes even more time, looking for it.

Oh, so much and so little at the same time. My interests are quite broad so that is quite a hard question to answer or even keep updated.

Well, most of the content will fit under Computer Science. Be it System Administrator - SysAdmin - stuff, Docker, Linux, Machine Learning, Windows, or anything in between like my projects, Python, RaspberryPi, you name it.

I also have an interest for Fitness, specifically Body Building and the general sense of being fit and healthy.

I also have quite the interest in Information, be it Fun Facts, Famous People pros / cons, greatest / worst moments of Human Condition.

Then I also have a quite big interest in Arts, be it Movies, Music, Series, as well as Life Pro Tips (LPT), from something I already used, to something I still use, to something I might use one day.

I also like my humour, so, you will find IT Jobs Explained, Programming if it was Music, and what not.

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